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SocialPortal Beitrags-Meta Shortcode

SocialPortal provides great flexibility in setting up post meta using the post meta shortcodes. thugh these shortcodes can use used in any context(in the post loop), In SocialPortal theme we use it to set the display for archive posts header/footer…

DerN3rd 18. Januar 2021 18. Januar 2021 Beitrags-Meta, Portal, Shortcodes, Social, SocialPortal
ZodiacPress Atlas separate Datenbank

Install Atlas in a Separate Database Rather Than in WordPress Database These instructions are temporarily broken because I am no longer hosting the cities.txt file. Do not use this page, for now. I will update this very soon with a working method. My apologies….

DerN3rd 8. Januar 2021 8. Januar 2021
ZodiacPress Erweiterungen

Setup The Atlas In your WordPress dashboard, go to ZodiacPress –> Settings, and click the Misc tab. For the Choose Atlas setting, choose “Use my own atlas database.” (See Choosing an Atlas for help with this decision.) Click the blue button that says Run the Atlas Installer. (Or skip…

DerN3rd 8. Januar 2021 8. Januar 2021
ZodiacPress Fehlerbehebung

Pre-Support Self-Check Before requesting support, please do a quick self-check. This can save time by pinpointing common issues right away. Before you go any further, did you “enable the web services” for your GeoNames username? This is a step that…

DerN3rd 7. Januar 2021 7. Januar 2021
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DerN3rd 3. Januar 2021 3. Januar 2021 PsourceMediathek

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