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Installing ZodiacPress

  1. Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins –> Add New.
  2. Search for “ZodiacPress” to find the plugin.
  3. When you see ZodiacPress, click “Install Now” to install the plugin.
  4. Click “Activate” to activate the plugin.

Or, you can download the plugin from its main page (or from the WordPress repository), unzip it, and upload the zodiacpress folder to your website’s wp-content/plugins/ folder, manually. Then, go to Plugins in your admin area and click “Activate” to activate the plugin.

If your website uses Windows hosting

If your website is running on a Windows operating system (i.e. using Windows hosting), then you’ll need to use the ZodiacPress Windows Server plugin to make the ephemeris work on your server. This is because the ephemeris included in ZodiacPress will not run on Windows, by default. Just install and activate the “ZodiacPress Windows Server” plugin, and it will automatically solve this problem. It’s perfectly safe to install the plugin even if your site doesn’t use Windows hosting. The plugin will check for Windows hosting, and it will do nothing if your site is not hosted on Windows.

Next Steps

After activating the plugin, choose either the Quick Start Guide or the Full Setup Guide. Choose the Quick Start Guide if you quickly want to see the plugin in action. Choose the Full Setup Guide when you’re ready to set your preferences or enter your interpretations.

Quick Start Guide

This “Quick Start Guide” is the fastest to way to get the ZodiacPress birth report working on your site. (This assumes you’ve already installed and activated the plugin.)

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to ZodiacPress –> Settings, and click the Misc tab.
  2. Enter your GeoNames Username and click “Save Changes.”This is required in order to use GeoNames webservice to get birth place coordinates and timezones for the birth reports.

    You can quickly create a free GeoNames account here.

    After you create your GeoNames account, you must also enable the free web services for your username.

    Here are the steps:

    1. After you create your GeoNames user name, activate your account using the activation link that they send to your email.
    2. Log in to your GeoNames account.
    3. After you are logged in, go to the GeoNames Manage Account page.
    4. On that page, scroll to the bottom where it says “Free Web Services.” There will be a link for you to click in order to enable the free web services. Or, it will say that your account is already enabled for free web services.
    5. When you click to enable the free web services, you should get this success message:
      "The account YOUR_USERNAME has been successfully enabled to use the free webservices."


      If you do not get that message, or if you instead get a login form, then it did not work. In this case, you must log in again, and then repeat step C and D.

  3. Add the [birthreport] shortcode to a page or post. To do this, paste [birthreport] on a page or post where you want the form to appear. This is where the birth report form will appear. Go to this page on the front of your site to generate a birth report.(For more help with shortcodes, see How To Use a Shortcode.)

    NOTE: By default, ZodiacPress uses the Tropical zodiac, also known as the Western zodiac. To use the Sidereal zodiac (commonly used in Indian astrology), please see Use Sidereal Zodiac.

That’s it for the “Quick Start” setup. This allows you to generate a basic report which lists the planets in the signs, planets in the houses, and aspects. Interpretations will not be included in the report until you enter your own interpretations. See the Full Setup Guide for how to do this.

Choosing an Atlas

When someone begins typing their birth city on the report form, a list of cities appears. This list of cities is pulled from a database. The plugin also has to get the city’s latitude and longitude coordinates, and the timezone.

The plugin has to get this city information from somewhere. The default ZodiacPress plugin uses GeoNames.org to get this information. You do not need the ZP Atlas plugin for this.

On the other hand, if you want to use your own atlas database instead of GeoNames, then you need the ZP Atlas plugin.

Here is the difference between both methods:

  1. Using GeoNames.org
    If you use GeoNames.org, every time a user enters their birth city, the plugin will get the city information from the GeoNames geographical database via their free web service. The millions of city records are kept on GeoNames.org rather than on your site.
  2. Using Your Own Atlas Database
    If you decide to use your own atlas database, the city information will be taken from your own database on your own website. When you first install the ZP Atlas plugin, it will create a complete atlas database of all cities, towns, and villages on Earth. This is more than 3 million cities. This will eliminate the need for you to use GeoNames.

The following should help you determine which choice is a better fit for your site.

Choose your own atlas database if:

  • Your web hosting plan can handle a database larger than 345 MB in size.
  • Your site gets a high amount of traffic and you don’t want to deal with GeoNames.org daily usage limits, nor purchase credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices.
  • For whatever reason, you don’t want to use GeoNames.org, but rather have the cities in your own database.
  • You are fine with having the list of cities appear in English. Currently, the atlas database will be created with the city names in English. (In the future, more languages will be added. You can request a language by contacting me.)

Choose GeoNames.org if any of these is true:

  • You want to list the cities in a language other than English. In this case, Geonames.org is the way to go.
  • Your web hosting does not have the resources to handle a large database of more than 345 MB in size. Or, your web hosting plan cannot handle too many database requests at once.
  • You prefer to keep the size of your website on your server as small as possible. In this case, GeoNames is the better choice because they keep the millions of cities on their site.

If you choose GeoNames.org, then you do not need the ZP Atlas plugin.

Technical Information About Your Own Atlas Database


The atlas is about 345 MB in size. It holds over 3.4 million records.


By default, the atlas will be installed in a new table inside your WordPress database. On the other hand, you can install the atlas in a separate database instead of your WordPress database (see how to do this.)

Source of Cities For The Atlas Database

The cities (cities, towns, and villages) and their information are taken from three GeoNames export file available at the GeoNames download server:

  • allcountries.zip
  • admin1CodesASCII.txt
  • countryInfo.txt

The list of all cities from GeoNames is then modified into data that is optimized for use with ZodiacPress and WordPress.

When you choose to create your own atlas database, this plugin will insert the cities (more than 3 million cities) into a new database table in your WordPress database. (To install the atlas in a separate database instead of your WordPress database, see this.)