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Post Indexer for Multisite makes network wide search and share possible. Unlock new ways to find and display content by bringing posts from any site on your network into one index.

Post Indexer for Multisite makes network wide search and share possible. Unlock new ways to find and display content by bringing posts from any site on your network into one index.


Create a global index for your network that only pulls the content you want added.

Expand What Multisite Can Do

We built Post Indexer to work in tandem with other plugins that can harness its power. While Multisite is a powerful tool, one of its biggest limitations is its inability to search and display content from site-to-sites across your network.

We’ve built a huge collection of plugins that can do it, but those plugins need a single index of posts to pull from. This is where Post Indexer comes in. Post Indexer does more than just build an index. You can exclude certain subsites from being indexed, index a particular site right away, index pages as well as posts, index posts manually, choose a timeframe for when posts are indexed and choose posts types to be indexed per site.

All The Stats You’ll Ever Need

Make sure everything is set to your liking at a glance.


Post Indexer Summary

See a quick list view of indexed post types and most sites indexed.


Indexed Post Types

A clean simple pie chart breaks down percentage of each post types indexed.


Recently Indexed Posts

Access recently indexed posts with a click. See site and post name.


Most Indexed Sites

See which sites are most active and how post types are being used across your network.

Reimagine What Multisite Can Do

We’ve developed a robust collection of plugins that work around Post Indexer to extend Multisite’s capabilities.

  • Reader – Turn your Multisite into a community, complete with Tumblr, WordPress.com and Edublogs-style “Follow” features
  • Anti-splog – Stop splogs in their tracks
  • Blogs Directory – A fully searchable, avatar inclusive, automatic and rather good-looking directory of all the sites in your network
  • Global Site Search – Activate global search across all of the sites on your network with ease
  • Global Site Tags – Display global site tags for your entire network
  • Tag feed – Display a list of posts that have been tagged with a specific tag or category
  • Recent Global Posts – Display a list of recent posts anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode or template function
  • Recent Global Posts Feed – Create an RSS feed of all the latest posts on your network
  • Live Stream – Display your own slick animated Live Stream Widget
  • User Reports – Track user posts across your network

Expand Global Comments

Pair Post Indexer with our Comment Indexer plugin and expand your global index to include comments from across your network.

A Favorite with Multisite Developers

Post Indexer is ready to power your next global post plugin. Add a new global post table behind the scenes in tandem with other plugins and display post content from every site on your network.


Post Indexer provides robust statistics that help keep your network running at optimum performance.


Rebuild your index and include specific custom post types.

Unharness the Power

Create global post feeds, make all the content across your network fully searchable, use global tags – Post Indexer eliminates limitations created by individual site tables. Plus, it works with custom post types so you can add everything from network-wide reading to a global shopping cart for your eCommerce network.

Complete Diagnostic Tools

The Processor Information module that comes packaged with Post Indexer will ensure indexing on your site runs at 100% and will let you know if the plugin runs into any problems pulling content from your subsites. We’ve included everything you need to make sure posts are synced exactly as they should be.

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