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With Ultimate Branding you can add, remove or change WordPress branding across an entire network.

Finish site customization with Ultimate Branding and layout polished backend design in minutes. Give users a better experience with site specific directions, brand clarity and fluid transitions from front to back.

Quickly replace WordPress branding with your own.
Quickly replace WordPress branding with your own.

Clear Consistent Branding

From the iconic WordPress favicon to the classic ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’, visitors and clients are sent mixed messaging before your site even loads.

Hide WordPress branding and share consistent, custom brand messaging.

Create a look and feel to match your brand with custom dashboard color palettes. Display your logo everywhere the WordPress logo shows and replace ‘WordPress’ with your company name.

“Ultimate Branding makes it feel like the whole job is much more custom and it takes just a couple extra minutes.”


Login Screen Makeover

Completely redesign your login screen without a single line of code. Replace the WordPress logo, add a custom background image, change shapes, opacity, shadows and colors.

Beautify your login screen.
Beautify your login screen.
Menus that meet your clients needs.
Menus that meet your clients needs.

A Personalized Dashboard

Enhance the familiar WordPress framework by reordering, hiding, adjusting and configuring elements to fit your clients’ needs.

Hide the WordPress welcome and select the dashboard widgets users can access.

Reconfigure the admin toolbar with custom menu items. Create help links that are actually helpful, and integrate a contact link that points to you. With Ultimate Branding, you can quickly create a WordPress Dashboard that’s simple, easy to use and creates company loyalty.

Optimum Speed, Better Security

Ultimate Branding is secure, fast and flexible. Use one plugin for every customization. Activate only the features you need for optimum performance. Eliminate compatibility issues and increase security by removing multiple unsupported plugins and hacked core modifications.

Get Ultimate Branding now and completely rebrand your site from front to back for a truly polished design.

Ultimate Branding Features

Take complete control of brand messaging.

  • Change or remove WordPress branding
  • Highlight your design and development
  • Add custom logo to the Admin Bar
  • Simple login image replacement
  • Create custom login screen without code
  • Change the word “WordPress” to your business name
  • Simple brand matching
  • Reorganize Admin Bar menus
  • Create custom Admin Bar menus
  • Add a direct link to support
  • Add help buttons
  • Remove WordPress core Dashboard widgets
  • Block 3rd party dashboard widgets
  • Change the WordPress ‘Howdy’
  • Reduce time spent on client training
  • Customize ‘Admin Help Content’
  • Increase site security and speed
  • One comprehensive plugin
  • Create a custom admin bar
  • Customize Email “From” information
  • Remove link to dashboard for users without a site
  • Customize/add help content
  • Custom global footer
  • Custom global header
  • Add a custom dashboard footer
  • Rebrand the meta widget
  • Protect site structure
  • Hide the ‘Permalinks’ menu item
  • Replace WordPress in HTML
  • Replace any word or phrase
  • Give your single site a custom Favicon
  • Add custom Multisite Favicon
  • Customize admin CSS
  • Uses CSS child fields
  • Hide WordPress welcome
  • Add custom dashboard color schemes
  • Display custom admin message

Once installed its time to get it configured so head on over to the admin panel:

Admin –> Network Admin –> Branding

You then need to decide which modules you want to have installed. For the purpose of this tutorial we will walk through them all in order.


For every enabled module, a new settings tab will become available in the Ultimate Branding area.

There is one exception: Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site. That module has no settings tab because, if a user does not have a site in your network, it will simply remove the “My Sites” link from the adminbar.

Branding - Tabs

Login Image

Branding - Custom Login Image

All self explanatory really, but everybody loves a good manual. 🙂

Click on the “Choose File” button then select your login image from your computer. Take note that animated gifs will not be preserved and the maximum file size and dimensions there.

Please take care of the below points while choosing a custom login image.

  • Image should not be more than 500KB in size
  • It should be no more than 310px Wide by 70px height, if it is then it would be cropped to that dimensions
  • Animated gifs will not be preserved

Then click on the Save Changes button and it will be uploaded for you.

And this is how it will look on your WordPress login page – wp-login.php

Custom Admin Bar

With the Custom Admin Bar you can create your own drop down and logo within the WordPress Admin Bar, you can add your own links pointing to wherever you wish so that could be tutorials, games, forums, contact forms or anything else you wish.

Branding - Custom Admin Bar

Enable Custom Entry: The first option is to enable this feature or not. You might wish to have this disabled whilst you create your links and logo.

Entry Title: You can enter a logo link here or just some text of your choice. Its the perfect way to brand the admin bar for your network.

Title Link Leads To:

Nowhere – If you just want your logo or text then you can select this option.

Main Site – Clicking on the logo/text will send your users to your main site

Current Site – Clicking on the logo/text will send your users to the home page of which ever site they are currently on.

Site Admin – Clicking on the logo/text will send your users to the admin area

This URL – Clicking on the logo/text will send your users to any url you wish, just enter it within the field.

Branding - Branding - Custom Admin Bar - Further Options

Add New Link:

URL: There are three options here depending on where you wish to link to.

Administrative Page: This will give you the sites base url to the admin area, you can then add the remainder of the url, so if you want people visit the themes page you then just add themes.php to the url field.

Site Page: Now you can link to anything on the front end of a website, like a contact form perhaps.

External Page: With this option you can link to any page or website you wish.

Title: The title of the link.

Configure Links: In this section you can sort, edit or delete any links you have previously added.

Disable WordPress menu items: The Custom Admin Bar module will also let you disable links added there by WordPress.

  • WordPress Menu
  • Site menu
  • My Sites
  • Add New
  • Comments
  • Updates

All done for this section just click on the Save Changes Button.

Remove Dashboard Widgets

Part of making your own white labeled solution you won’t want all those WordPress widgets showing will you?

Lets remove em then!

Branding - Disable Dasboard Widgets

These include:

  • Browser Nag
  • Right Now
  • Recent Comments
  • Incoming Links
  • Plugins
  • QuickPress
  • Recent Drafts
  • Primary Feed
  • Secondary Feed

Just select the Dashboard Widgets you want to remove, and hit the Save Changes button.

Admin Help Content

If you are wanting your own contextual help drop downs, this is the place to be so lets go through the options.

You could use this to post handy links to your tutorials site, your support area or put in there any information you wish.

The first one there is default but you can change it as you desire.

You can then add additional items. Take note of the title and the content in the above image, this is how it looks once saved:

Branding - Contextual Help - Example

Cool eh!

But I bet your wondering about the “Help Side Bar” part, well wonder no more, you can change this in the same for:

You can also choose to not display your content within the Network Admin area in addition to the option of keeping all the original help content. The choice is yours! 🙂

Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Global Footer Content

Get your network branding on all sites on your platform. Using the WordPress editor you could add some short copyright, links to your Terms Of Service, your affiliate scheme or anything you like.

Once you save those changes you can see them in the footer of your sites, this example is in the Twenty Eleven them:

Ultimate Branding - Global Footer Example

Dashboard Footer Content

Just like the footer of ever site in your network you might also want some branding in the admin as well, why not, it makes sense!

As with the site wide footer just enter what you want to appear there and save those changes. The admin footer will then change from this:

Ultimate Branding - Custom Dashboard Footer - Default Footer

To this:

Rebrand Meta Widget

This one has no settings, you just enable it and you are set to go.

The WordPress.org link will be changed to “Your Network” link.

Ultimate Branding - Meta Widget

Remove Permalinks Menu

This also carries no settings, it’s real simple just enable and then the Permalinks menu will be removed from each website on your Network.

Ultimate Branding - Remove Permalinks Menu

Now you see it:

Ultimate Branding - Default Permalinks Menu

And now you don’t:

Ultimate Branding - Remove Permalinks Menu Gone

Site Generator Replacement

Not only can we get rid of branding here but also the version number of WordPress you are using. Some claim showing which version you use here could easily lead to security issues when vulnerabilities in the code are exposed. So don’t delay, get rid today!

Site Generator Replacement - Admin Area

So lets get this replaced:

With something like this:

Cool eh !

Network Wide Text Change

And now for changing some text in your network. Howdy for one might be something you would want to change, so lets do it.

Network Wide Text Change

And that will change this:

Magically to this:

Network Wide Text Change

Simple, eh!

And you can add as many items as you wish which need changing.

Custom Multisite Favicons

This item once enabled is located under the Images tab.

Ultimate Branding - Custom Favicon

Take note of the maximum width and height

500kb Maximum.

16px Width by 16px Height

Depending on your browser this will appear in a tab, in the URL field and Bookmark.

Custom Admin CSS

All CSS you enter in here will be used throughout the admin area on every single page.

Ultimate Branding - Admin CSS

You might like to use something like Firebug in Firefox or developer tools in Chrome to find out the CSS you wish to edit. Then once you are happy just add it here and save those changes.

Custom Login CSS

This item once enabled is located under the CSS tab.

Ultimate Branding - Custom Login CSS

You can customize your Login page here with any CSS you wish, just keep in mind this will happen in the wp-login.php for every site within your network.

Hide Dashboard Welcome

This item once enabled is located under the Widgets tab.

No settings for this one either:

Ultimate Branding - Hide Dashboard Welcome

So now there is no more of this:

Ultimate Branding - Hide Welcome Message

And that’s it, one totally awesome plugin with so many handy rebranding options!

Cool eh!

And as always, if you get stuck then pop over to the community and get your questions posted.

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